eCommerce returns … Our bespoke solution.

The retail industry has definitely evolved. We like to say “evolved” and not “changed” since this last term is not associated to progress, mature, grow, expand, etc.

The numbers we are seeing in the different publications are just crazy, over 2 trillion in sales actually and on the way to hit 5 trillion by 2022. But is not only this what we should be aware of, the amount of investment and development in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry is going to the roof. Companies acquisitions, new industry processes, warehouse automations, marketplaces developed, supply chain and logistics technologies and a large etc.

At the same time, the online retail represents max. a 10% of the total retail market in the countries where it has the biggest ratios. Showing that there is so much to do.

Drones deliveries, mobile shopping, chat bots, virtual assistants, voice command, AI, returns technologies are areas that are taking the next step maturing the industry and helping smooth the chain between retailers and consumers.

Our bespoke returns solution helps consumers returning unwanted items and retailers processing these items improving their processes and their customer experience. Multiple methods to return, cost reduction, traceability, duties draw back, web access, etc. are few of the benefits you can benefit of.

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