We have launched! Devolex gets into the eCommerce returns race…

We are here! Are you ready to know more about us?

On June 2016 we decided to establish our company, DevolEx Global Pty Ltd. After months of hard work, designing, coding, meetings, tests, etc. developing our first MVP to help the online retail industry, well known as eCommerce, our first customer was ready to start the trials.

We wanted to give the company a name that had some meaning for us and was related to the industry where we wanted to make some noise with our top tech. solutions. Our Spanish background and the speed on delivering made it up. “Devolucion” in Spanish means “Return” and because speed is a key factor in the eCommerce and in our way of working we added “Express” to it.

Since then we have innovated, evolve, change and also developed new technologies. We believe that our journey just had begun. Our portfolio of products not only covers eCommerce returns; international shipping, supply chain automation, customs brokerage, warehouse management, etc. are some of our solutions that help our clients nailing their operations and providing their customers the best experience.

Stay tuned!!

Thank you.

The DevolEx Global Team.

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